Excellent coco peat
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Coco Peat

Coco peat is a100% natural and renewable growing medium used in green houses and farms and also for landscaping, seed germination purposes as a substitute for peat moss and bark compost. Coco peat is available in the forms of bails, briquettes, discs and grow bags.
Coco peat maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated and brings better crops with faster developing roots. Coco peat has better water retention qualities than peat and other growing media. Coco peat absorbs moisture immediately.

.  High water holding capacity equal or superior to sphagnum peat.

·        Excellent drainage, equal to or better than sphagnum peat,

·        Absence of weeds and pathogens.

·        Greater physical resiliency; withstands compression of baling better than sphagnum peat.

·        Renewable resource, no ecological drawbacks to its use.

·        Decomposes more slowly than sedge or sphagnum peat.

·        Acceptable pH, cation exchange capacity and electrical conductivity, and easier wettability 
 than peat moss.